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Hands Up


Annie is more than a Dance Teacher! Warm, adaptable, highly skilled and completely committed to helping our children reach their potential. Annie has the ability to recognise hidden qualities and skills in young people and creates opportunities to explore and encourage them. Annie's passion and dedication to the young people she works with is evidenced by the relationships she builds with them, we all love Annie!


Annie is kind and funny and she's a good teacher. She listens to me and helps me when I need her, she is basically my dance mum.


Annie is passionate about including and supporting everyone she teaches and creating opportunities for everyone to experience the benefits of dance. She gently guides people to find their voice and creativity, delivering classes and projects which are thoughtfully planned, yet flexible to meet the needs and ideas of the people she works with. She raises people’s confidence and lifts their spirits with her generosity and sense of fun. I recall hearing someone once say ‘everyone needs an Annie in their life’ and I couldn’t put it better myself

Natasha Britton, Parable Dance Co Founder & Artistic Director

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Jack Petchy Leader Award (2016)

YEAUK Best Teacher (2019) 

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